It’s the night after.

So after a marathon session building the new blog, and all the admin that goes with that, including paying for a domain name in the early hours of the morning, and finding a good hosting company (thanks Gandi), I feel a little more confident after a few hours sleep that I just might be able to do this.

As a long time writer of music and words, i’m used to extended sessions sitting in the chair, but last night/early morning had me working out how to add and remove elements, tell my online bank which international information it needed to complete the transactions, and so on. It wasn’t the smooth and familiar process i’m used to when writing words and music, but I guess nothing new ever is. I can recommend Gandi ( as a site and blog host. Their admin and associated support is excellent, and a far cry from early days of trying to set up a small website.

So, a few more things to do, then it’s a content marathon, adding all those observations, reminiscences, and short stories i’ve written.

But first, food…..

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