Digital Mayhem

In the process of setting up this blog, i’m going through a steep learning curve. Very steep. And most of the challenge is the syntax unique to, well, setting up blogs and another web related interactions from home, alone.

Pages, Blocks, URL’s, IPN’s, and so on….

Nearly all the time spent was reading, and browsing the meaning of these and many more terms. Still, another step forward today, and a cautious sense of satisfaction that this mind of mine still functions in one way or another. The subscription model seems to work, and those who wish to read my stories and tales can now create an account, pay a modest 1 Euro a month, and access the Stories page, where I will shortly start adding the short stories and longer works i’ve been busy writing in the years before now. (So don’t subscribe just yet, i’ll post again when i’m ready.)

I’ve learned a lot already, and there’s still more to come, but one day very soon, I will have an outlet to share my modest contributions to the literary mass humans have accumulated in our evolution. And you will have the opportunity to decide where my work fits.

Regular viewers will also note i’ve left the menu as simple as possible at the top of the blog with everything in a single row.

A case of WYSIWYG.

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