It’s been quite a while since my last post as I continue to work on my books and short stories. I hope to start posting them soon, and I’ll add details for subscribers when that happens.

So much has happened over the New Year and into 2022, which is off to a problematic start with the war in Ukraine. I hope the Ukrainian people keep their freedom and get the rest of their country back again. They need our support and encouragement, faced as they are with what is, and historically regular it seems, Russian barbarism. It’s worth reminding the world that Kyiv was a thriving metropolis when Moscow was still a swampy forest, and Putin’s relentless historical revisionism bears no relation to reality, nor has it ever done. He’s envious of Ukrainian historical seniority, and his continued attempts to render Ukraine extinct are a reflection of this. He will not stop with Ukraine, he cannot. His fatuous pride and monstrous ego will drive him on and on until the majority of the Russian people stop him, and at the moment, they show little inclination to do that.

And there’s the continuing death of democracy in the UK, as the Tory Party continue their fascist dismantling of anything that benefits the people including protection from their government, led by another would be dictator with a massive ego, and a level of narcissistic sociopathy previously unseen in UK politics. The right to protest is gone, as is the right to free and fair elections, hidden away behind the voters bill, which will exclude millions from being able to exercise their right to vote for the lack of a voters ID. Both these bills are parallels of Putin’s laws in Russia. You can expect the Met Police in particular to enthusiastically wield the baton against anyone who dares to question the system, knowing they can act with impunity and with complete protection from any consequence for their actions, a parallel with Putin’s Militsia. What’s next. Room 101?

Putin will be pleased, knowing his investment in the Tories, and the roubles spent buying Brexit, are paying dividends. Johnson will be pleased the public have backed him and not turned out in the streets in their millions protesting his relentless determination to dismantle anything that stands in his way of a dictatorship in all but name.

The world is going mad.