It’s twilight zone time in UK politics. A right wing party has become ever more right wing, replete with the taxpayer funded and thoroughly amoral ERG cult, English National Front members, and UKIP wannabees gleefully driving the party toward full blown fascism. The Tory leadership race is some sort of twisted episode of a TV series extolling the virtues of idiocy/barbarism/corruption….the list goes on.

Where is the relief from this? Where are the english people who care enough about the dying embers of their democracy, that they will get out of their comfort zones, and march in the streets enmasse?

Around the world, and particularly in Europe, the people have had enough of the much touted WEF programme that seeks to enhance democracy (globalists speak for crush democracy), and put permanent control of the planet in the hands of the few. (Conspiracy theorists would argue they already have control.) We can expect to see more as one nation’s people embolden more to join in, and the dominoes fall.

But the UK public seem to be supine in their mock rage. NHS and other public service workers, along with a sizable number of citizens, are going to foodbanks to survive, while CEOs and shareholders are raking in millions and billions while they crush any chance of workers getting enough to survive on. It’s called economic slavery, and the UK is not unique, but it is a world leader.

The madness is the public continuing to vote for those who are inflicting this harm on them. I understand the wealthier folk will laugh at the working class, because it’s important to them to feel more important. That’s part of the class structure politicians work hard to keep. Have the middle class blame the working class for all societies problems, while the rich continue to evade proportional taxes for their earnings, and the bad publicity that would go with that, if the public were smart enough, or care enough to realize they’re being played in a scam that’s been running for centuries?

It’s time in the UK, like a growing list of countries around the world, for a general strike. The public work together and support each other to crush the profit streams of those who sit in comfort while the UK burns and crashes. We can do that in a number of ways, but refusing to pay the TV propaganda tax, and getting out each day with neighbours and friends to put a great deal of pressure on politicians and wealthy business owners is a good start. Find small businesses again, locally. Talk to local small holding farmers and visit market days instead of buying chemically questionable produce in supermarket corporates. Cut out the middle man profiteers, and buy direct. Make the effort, and there’s a chance life could improve. Trying to save the entire planet economically is too big for one person to think about. Local action, multiplied across nations can have a massive effect, and achieve the same result.


Because the path we’re on, and the public acceptance of it through apathy and indifference, including voting for those who perpetuate this terrible system, over and over again, is the route to madness….