Winter Nights.

It’s drawing towards Winter, and once again this year, I’ll be cocooned in my little cottage, writing stories both long and short. I hope to have the first story up on the site in the middle of December, with two short stories shortly after.  This is a new venture for me, and figuring out how to use WordPress and all its workings has been a challenging journey. Still, here we are.


I’d like to thank those users who have jumped in early with subscriptions, I appreciate your entrepreneurship! It’s my intent to add stories on a regular basis, building up a collection to be read in a conventional browser format, here.


Now it’s back to the story i’m trying to finish, called Delia and the Outer Planets, a short tale about a scientist who is out of favour with her peers on Earth, and is drawn into the fight for independence in the Outer Planets systems.

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