The New Year

And here we are, after a year that could be easily forgotten as grim, difficult and foreboding. Will 2023 be different? Will people around the world defend their democracies with vigour and determination, democracies which are in danger from those who would see democracy replaced with autocracy?

When will entire nations of people march in the streets, and fight against those who are intent on putting systems in place to propel them above the law, and administer punishing retributions on the rest of us as we seek to follow the rule of law? At what point do people say they’ve had enough, and form groups in villages, towns and cities to rise up against those who seek to enrich themselves above all else?

How many new cults and ideologies will spring into life and flourish, and seek to diminish or remove the rights of parts of our societies, as the gender/predator cult has done with women’s rights? Who will protect our children as those who seek to prey on them get legal and social barriers removed, in partnership with governments who care nothing for the safety of our loved ones, to give them free access, with the weight of legal retribution for anyone who dares to resist?

And when do we take to the streets to protect our right to use cash to trade with, a right which is in danger of being removed and replaced with digital currency (by the WEF and their political acolytes), which is controlled by bankers and their supporters, a group who have always (with one exception in Iceland) sat above the law, as the real and unelected power in the global economy.


2022 was a terrible year for many.


2023 will be what we make of it, if we have the will and determination to push back and diminish those who would see us in perpetual servitude to a system that is nothing to do with democracy and everything to do with economic and social fascism, i.e. Capitalism.


There are strikes going on in many countries, including the UK. Support the strikers, and be patient. They are fighting on our behalf to maintain our rights, hold up safety standards that keep the majority of us from harm, and fight for a universal level of living income that will actually pay the bills.


I regret this post doesn’t contain any good news, but we won’t fight against the darkened reality being imposed on us if we don’t face the unvarnished truth.

We’re in trouble, and many of those rights and privileges we take for granted are being stripped from us, on a daily basis.

Time to rise up and remove those from office who work against us, the people, and begin to vote not along party lines, but for individuals who will, working together, overturn a system that is killing our societies, and many of the people in them. If we want proportional representation in the UK, particularly England, then it will not come from the current political parties, it can’t. They are too heavily invested in the current system, and will fight to preserve it, whatever they may say in their duplicitous soundbites.

We need fresh politicians, not bound to the current establishment structures.





For us Scots, our path is clear. Support those who are currently building a consensus outside of the establishment captured environment that is Holyrood, and carry that consensus into direct action, no matter what the politicians may say. Most of them are getting rich and staying warm while many Scots suffer from a lack of heat and food.


Sign up with Salvo and Liberation.Scot to join a fast growing movement that is independent of current political party organizations. The more signatures we get, the closer we are to approaching the UN directly, bypassing those in Westminster who continue to keep us just where they can get their grubby claws on our resources. The same stolen resources that could lift all of our people out of poverty.


Please, do it now.