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Scotland’s Liberation Movement

Aims and Objectives of Salvo and the Scottish National Congress of Liberation Scotland

The aim of Liberation Scotland is to restore the political sovereignty of the people of Scotland, remove the British state’s ‘administrative’ control of the assets owned by the Scottish people and obtain for our nation the restitution owed by the British state for its fraudulent appropriation of Scotland’s natural resources over many decades.

The Scottish National Congress Steering Group, for and on behalf of Liberation Scotland, asserts those rights under:

• the universally accepted principles of international justice

• the agreed and constitutional provisions and limits of the international Treaty of Union according to the principles of Treaty law

• the UN Charter, the Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts and other relevant international laws or agreements.

We affirm that neither the UK Parliament nor any domestic court, including the UK Supreme Court, is empowered to legitimise the wrongful actions of the British state by any domestic statute or ruling whatsoever:

The characterization of an act of a State as internationally wrongful is governed by international law., (Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts, United Nations 2001).

Recognising that:

a) the campaign to establish the rights of the Scottish people, and the lawful limits of Westminster control in Scotland, must be conducted internationally and

b) a national Liberation Movement is entitled to register for standing with the United Nations

Liberation Scotland has been established as a vehicle of the Scottish Liberation Movement. Registration can be assisted by achieving at least the same membership as claimed by Scotland’s largest political party and by the creation of a representative civic assembly, the Scottish National Congress.

The educational and campaigning arm of Liberation Scotland, Salvo, is committed to the restoration of the sovereign rights of the people of Scotland and of the territorial nation of Scotland under international law through:

• Raising public awareness in Scotland and internationally of the true position of Scotland as a de facto colony within the United Kingdom

• Restoring public awareness of the historical and constitutional record pertaining to Scottish political and social identity

• Challenging the British establishment’s colonial narrative which erases or misrepresents Scottish historical, political and social identity

• Challenging the British establishment’s ‘legal and political’ narrative which has hidden, ignored, erased or misrepresented both the constitutional limits and provisions of the Treaty of Union and the territorial and political rights and benefits to which the people of Scotland remain entitled

• Advancing Liberation Scotland’s campaign to bring Scotland’s true condition to international attention and establishing our rights under international law

In furtherance of these aims, Salvo is undertaking a Liberation membership drive based on the Edinburgh Proclamation. Membership is free. The aim is to achieve a membership level which demonstrates clear public support for Liberation Scotlandand confirms the Scottish National Congress (SNC) as deserving of standing and recognition within the United Nations.

Having gained standing, the SNC will seek a UN intermediary and through that intermediary, an advisory ruling from the International Court of Justice. The question to be addressed is whether Scotland is:

a) in a voluntary political Union, one governed by a legal agreement, (the 1707 international Treaty of Union), whose conditions and limits must be respected or

b) a colony i.e. in an involuntary ‘union’, since it is now administered through the English domestic Act of Union 1706, under conditions subject to the UK parliament, dominated almost 10:1 by the English partner in the Union.

We will show that a ‘United Kingdom’ exists in name only and that the pre-Union,English constitution, English political settlement and English Crown institution are imposed on Scotland as if it were merely an annexed territory of England.

In bringing Scotland’s cause to the attention of the international community, we shall do what the Scottish Government, as a legislative arm of the Westminster government in Scotland, cannot do. We shall engage in a diplomatic and legal, international campaign so as:

• to establish a proper and internationally recognised remedy for the flagrant abuse and breaches of an international, treaty-based agreement and the violation of international law

• to end the oppression and exploitation of a sovereign people and restore our lawful rights

• to end the theft of our national resources.

The SNC strategy recognizes the following:

Although an advisory ruling by the ICJ is not normally binding, it becomes so when the matter relates directly to existing UN policy under international law. The right of a nation and a people to decolonisation is such a policy.

If the UK government agrees to honour its treaty obligations, Scotland will immediately assume control of its own territorial resources through a public body independent of the UK government or its subsidiaries.

Our devolved government will be empowered to implement the practical, political mechanisms of autochthonous, Scottish, (not 18th century European), popular sovereignty. This can be realised through modern, direct democracy which will empower the people of Scotland, who are entitled to ‘choose the form of government best suited to their needs’, (Claim of Right, 1689, as reaffirmed by ‘Scotland’s Claim of Right’, 1989), to hold a referendum on any issue, including independence, at any time.

If the UK government refuses to honour these treaty obligations, we believe that the ICJ must conclude that Scotland is, in effect, a colony. Such a ruling will become binding and should result in Scotland’s immediate listing for decolonisation.


The above spells out clearly the purpose and direction of Salvo, Liberation and the Scottish National Congress. These three organisations are running in tandem in the same direction. Salvo will be the campaigning arm of the movement and we are calling on everyone to sign up to Liberation.Scot while also joining Salvo.Scot if you wish to take part on the campaigning side. Regional hubs are being set up NOW across the country and on joining Salvo you will be given the details of your local hub to join up with our local teams. We have big plans and our summer recruitment campaigns will be shortly underway. Your country needs you! Welcome aboard! WAKE UP WORLD…SCOTLAND’S ON THE MOVE!

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