It’s twilight zone time in UK politics. A right wing party has become ever more right wing, replete with the taxpayer funded and thoroughly amoral ERG cult, English National Front members, and UKIP wannabees gleefully driving the party toward full blown fascism. The Tory leadership race is some sort of twisted episode of a TV series extolling the virtues of idiocy/barbarism/corruption….the list goes on.

Where is the relief from this? Where are the english people who care enough about the dying embers of their democracy, that they will get out of their comfort zones, and march in the streets enmasse?

Around the world, and particularly in Europe, the people have had enough of the much touted WEF programme that seeks to enhance democracy (globalists speak for crush democracy), and put permanent control of the planet in the hands of the few. (Conspiracy theorists would argue they already have control.) We can expect to see more as one nation’s people embolden more to join in, and the dominoes fall.

But the UK public seem to be supine in their mock rage. NHS and other public service workers, along with a sizable number of citizens, are going to foodbanks to survive, while CEOs and shareholders are raking in millions and billions while they crush any chance of workers getting enough to survive on. It’s called economic slavery, and the UK is not unique, but it is a world leader.

The madness is the public continuing to vote for those who are inflicting this harm on them. I understand the wealthier folk will laugh at the working class, because it’s important to them to feel more important. That’s part of the class structure politicians work hard to keep. Have the middle class blame the working class for all societies problems, while the rich continue to evade proportional taxes for their earnings, and the bad publicity that would go with that, if the public were smart enough, or care enough to realize they’re being played in a scam that’s been running for centuries?

It’s time in the UK, like a growing list of countries around the world, for a general strike. The public work together and support each other to crush the profit streams of those who sit in comfort while the UK burns and crashes. We can do that in a number of ways, but refusing to pay the TV propaganda tax, and getting out each day with neighbours and friends to put a great deal of pressure on politicians and wealthy business owners is a good start. Find small businesses again, locally. Talk to local small holding farmers and visit market days instead of buying chemically questionable produce in supermarket corporates. Cut out the middle man profiteers, and buy direct. Make the effort, and there’s a chance life could improve. Trying to save the entire planet economically is too big for one person to think about. Local action, multiplied across nations can have a massive effect, and achieve the same result.


Because the path we’re on, and the public acceptance of it through apathy and indifference, including voting for those who perpetuate this terrible system, over and over again, is the route to madness….


It’s been quite a while since my last post as I continue to work on my books and short stories. I hope to start posting them soon, and I’ll add details for subscribers when that happens.

So much has happened over the New Year and into 2022, which is off to a problematic start with the war in Ukraine. I hope the Ukrainian people keep their freedom and get the rest of their country back again. They need our support and encouragement, faced as they are with what is, and historically regular it seems, Russian barbarism. It’s worth reminding the world that Kyiv was a thriving metropolis when Moscow was still a swampy forest, and Putin’s relentless historical revisionism bears no relation to reality, nor has it ever done. He’s envious of Ukrainian historical seniority, and his continued attempts to render Ukraine extinct are a reflection of this. He will not stop with Ukraine, he cannot. His fatuous pride and monstrous ego will drive him on and on until the majority of the Russian people stop him, and at the moment, they show little inclination to do that.

And there’s the continuing death of democracy in the UK, as the Tory Party continue their fascist dismantling of anything that benefits the people including protection from their government, led by another would be dictator with a massive ego, and a level of narcissistic sociopathy previously unseen in UK politics. The right to protest is gone, as is the right to free and fair elections, hidden away behind the voters bill, which will exclude millions from being able to exercise their right to vote for the lack of a voters ID. Both these bills are parallels of Putin’s laws in Russia. You can expect the Met Police in particular to enthusiastically wield the baton against anyone who dares to question the system, knowing they can act with impunity and with complete protection from any consequence for their actions, a parallel with Putin’s Militsia. What’s next. Room 101?

Putin will be pleased, knowing his investment in the Tories, and the roubles spent buying Brexit, are paying dividends. Johnson will be pleased the public have backed him and not turned out in the streets in their millions protesting his relentless determination to dismantle anything that stands in his way of a dictatorship in all but name.

The world is going mad.




The Cowardice of Hesitation. Or is it?

It’s independence season again. That time when the SNP government tout their independence credentials, with a conference to come, and the inevitable request to “donate to the Independence cause”, again. With the SNP (allegedly) having lost thousands of members, and questions about the financing of their party inner circle salaries (again allegedly), with, it seems, what little short money they get from Westminster having to cover not only MP’s staff that sit in the House of Commons, but the murky roster in Holyrood, most of whom we think we know about, but maybe not all, it’s a vastly different and entirely more sinister variant of what was our nations proudest and best chance independence party that Alex Salmond handed over.

It’s been 7 years since the Great Indy Trek began, in the hands of the Murrells, as they immediately began gutting the party from within, to form a new entity, a personality based party ideology, that gave token and diminishing respect, if any, to lifelong and deeply committed SNP members, some of whom had chapped doors for decades, and in many cases, although in far fewer numbers than before, still do. Any committee, group, or organization that spent their time building independence infrastructure and relationships with the Scottish people was steadily diminished, it’s power stripped to make way for a new march of sovietesque heroism, that of the biggest ideological (and extremely profitable) scam of the last decade, the transgender cult.

In that time, we’ve seen 7 years of broken promises, relentless headlines of some variant of “Indy’s just around the corner”, all accompanied by a donation drive for members to put their hands in their pockets, and dig deep, again and again. Trust us, Nicola Sturgeon said. And many did, only to be betrayed time and again, with Independence pushed into a remote political glen, with a stagnant loch, reeking of the smell of duplicitous intent. “We got the suckers again” became normalized, as did lies and mis-directions whenever any member, blogger, online commentator, or folk that desired Indy above all else, questioned the SNP leadership. Those who pressed harder, replete with the intelligence and battle experience of chasing independence against those determined to prevent us from having it, were, to put it bluntly, stabbed in the back. The SNP leadership, in cahoots with the Crown Office, some members of the Scottish legal community, and Police Scotland, contrived to imprison an innocent man, likely for life, with false accusations, ably assisted by the mainstream media, who were suddenly flush with 3 million pounds, and determined to earn it for their new masters.

Why? We’ll know more details soon, as Alex Salmond’s civil suits begin to bite, but it seems clear that he was seen as a threat to not only Westminster, but Holyrood too. There are some able politicians left in Westminster, although far fewer than before, all of whom respected Alex when he sat among them, and argued passionately and intelligently for Scotland’s case.

But when it comes to Holyrood, there are very few that are as politically capable and savvy as Alex, by a wide margin, and then some. It’s more than likely Alex made a noise about the lack of independence momentum, and from that moment, not one, but two governments, and their increasingly parasitical organizations set out to destroy him with falsehoods. He wasn’t the only target, but it’s Alex who had, and has, the gravitas, political intelligence, and passionate leadership to successfully transition our nation from what is a colonial economic and social outpost to once again being free. And the move to oust him, and lock him up, came from a Cowardice of Hesitation, by those who feared Scotland standing on its own two feet. There are those among us indy types who know what to do to make the transition, calmly, determinedly, and fearlessly, unafraid to work to remove the colonial parasite from our country, and build our own society, for Scots, shaped by our inherent sense of justice, empathy and inclusion.

A Cowardice of Hesitation is what is holding us back. Or is it? Is it hesitation for fear of the future, or fear of not knowing what to do? Nicola Sturgeon has proved herself to be a political lightweight, and in my opinion, a very nasty piece of work. I don’t trust her at all, and I would not want her duplicitous talons wrapped around anything to do with a newly independent Scotland. Her drive is for herself. She wants all of us to worship her as the “Great Leader”, when she’s not remotely qualified or political capable enough to ever aspire to such heights. Aspire she does, but she forgets it’s us who decides her fate, and the Indy movement, as it evolves, has an increasingly dim view of those who seek glory and power for themselves, to the exclusion of all else. Her star is waning, and she has distanced herself from Scotland’s future as she seeks to manipulate our political system for her own gain.

She is, at her heart, a coward. She will cling on well past the point where it is political clever to do so. She is already destroying the momentum of Independence, and we will have to work hard to rekindle the flame to the level of bright enthusiasm and passionate determination we need to gain our freedom. She uses our system against us, and in doing so, taints it with the same foul brush that is so eagerly wielded by the parasitical organism that is the English Establishment. She thinks she has learned well, and is deluded enough to believe she can continue to fool those who would do better to take a step back and look at the evidence of the last 7 years. Her time is coming, and the frenzied arsekissing she indulged in at COP26 seems to indicate she knows the end is nearer than not. The question is, is she smart enough to see the writing on the wall and get out now, before all those foul machinations she’s created and used catch up with her?

I believe not.

She’s a coward, and blind to anything but the adoration of those who throw themselves at her feet, and willingly comply, no matter how objectionable the task they’re given. She cannot speak in anything but speeches, and is more like the failure that is Teresa May in her inability to think on her feet, and answer in realtime, without a script. She shares May’s lack of self-awareness, surely a death sentence for anyone who declares themselves a leader, as May proved. She has relied on the good will of the decent SNP members for too long, and they are beginning to leave in ever greater numbers. Will she step down gracefully, unlike May, before she’s pushed, and before Angus Robertson and Alyn Smith duke it out to stab her and each other in the back as they walk over her political corpse in their desire for power?

Her cowardice is the reason she doesn’t want independence because she’s frightened of the task involved in transitioning to independence. (along with her continued lust for power, and building what she thinks is a suitable CV into an international post in the UN or EU.)

Her hesitation is deliberate, as she’s just not good enough to build a free nation. Nowhere near good enough.

There are others who are, and it’s to them we must turn.

We cannot continue to accept the Cowardice of Hesitation.

The Politician’s Pension

It’s day one of our country’s regained independence, and there’s a collective intake of national breath as Scots realize they’ve done it. But what now? Where do we begin? What’s first on the list?

Well, if we’re smart, we’ve already got teams of homegrown experts lined up to take on each aspect of rebuilding our country in our own image.

Currency is easy, that’s designing, printing, and distribution, and if we need help, our friends in the EU, who have been waiting patiently for us to get our act together, will oblige. A new Scottish pound set a comparable value with the Euro, for example. We don’t want to be linked with what is now the English and Welsh pound, as it’s likely to tank almost immediately Scotland takes control of its own rich resources again, and there’s a lot of those, including our people.

Then there’s the Scottish Central Bank. Again, there are folk who have put a lot of work into building this financial institution, and much of that work is done.

And likewise the constitution, which groups and teams have been working on and building for some time.

Our legal system is already mature, and once we crush those parts of it that are english establishment based, like the insincere and duplicitous Crown Office, then we can, with the help of our own advocates, update it to a 21st century model that is fit for us, replete with not only the tools of fair justice, but the compassion and empathy we want in our society, something completely missing from English based legal structure.

And pensions, yes. An initial pension of 250 Scottish Pounds a week would get us going, but let’s not stop there. Converting our entire welfare system to UBI (Universal Basic Income), and converting our taxation base to entirely Scottish, with all taxation paid into entirely local national accounts, in our national bank, simplifies the entire process of supporting our citizens and removes the brutal interrogative nature of current welfare systems, which are english establishment constructs, and cruel by default, because the english establishment seem to enjoy that sort of thing. We will restore our national confidence as a society, and remove the stigma associated with living in an english establishment class structure that seeks to relentlessly shame the poorest in our society, because, well, they enjoy seeing folk suffer, and that’s not Scottish at all.


Our elected politicians will be in a unique position. A brand new parliament, in a brand new/ old/ new Scottish Republic. If we’re clever as citizens, we’ll do our homework and elect those who are actually capable of helping us build our old/new country, and not full of hot air and blah blah blah. In other words, politicians who are as far removed from the Westminster Model as it is possible to get. Politicians who consider Public Service a unique honour and privilege, not a trough to stick their noses in for all their worth. Politicians who will work tirelessly to implement systems and structures that are created for them by our teams, and who will do the work on the ground. Politicians who will put the people of Scotland first, and always first, in those first days, weeks, and months of our new reality. Politicians who will swiftly remove the terrible laws and edicts foisted on us by the English Establishment and their supporters among our fellow Scots. Politicians who will adapt quickly to any challenges that arise, and there will be some, discussing and solving problems in short time frames, without filibustering to satisfy their egos, and feed any personal narcissism they intend to inflict on us.

They will work for us, and with new laws that enable the public to quickly recall anyone who’s not working in our best interest, we will hold the sovereign power.

Politicians will get our help to build our country, because it’s ours. There will be no more massive expense accounts because we’ll provide them with accommodation and meals in state owned premises and facilities, so they’ll be free of the burden of submitting reams of paperwork, including most expense claims. Politicians will be trained to used online systems, so a virtual Holyrood is the norm, and we’ll have the best remote parliament in the world. One day a week in Holyrood for example, and the rest operating from home or a local constituent office in their electorate. The time saved with relentless, and frequently pointless, travel across our country merely for the spectacle, will be significant, and ensure elected officials are right where they should be, within easy reach of their constituents. A digital system of collaboration, and debate that is the equivalent of Zoom+++, and then some, with the capability for the public to watch, and see and hear what our leaders are saying, and planning to do.

And most of all, politicians will be, once again, people like us, doing their Public Service work, paying their bills and saving and investing their money here, and collecting a Scottish pension. The same Scottish pension the rest of the nation will get, as it should be, in a country where a man or woman working to clean the streets, or a bus or train driver, a ferry operator, a care worker, a doctor, a nurse, a car park attendant, and many more, are treated equally with admiration and respect.

A politician’s pension set at the national rate will ensure the national rate is sufficient to live on.

And that’s a good start to making sure the wealth of our nation, is for the people.

As it should be.


Social Evolution

The wave of gender self-assignation continues unabated, that is, continues in countries that aren’t, at this moment, fighting back. And what are they fighting against? The most ardent followers of gender ID, nearly all young or middle aged men, would have us believe they are the most vulnerable group on the planet. Persecuted beyond any other group. Which isn’t true. Women are the most persecuted group on the planet, to such a degree, that any other from of persecution is a distant second, and they have been persecuted since we as a species learned to stand up on our hind legs. To protest on behalf of women is to be immediately subjected to a tsunami of vitriol, and physical and legal threats from those in the gender ID movement, who, like any autocratic group in human history, seek to silence those that disagree with them. Why? Because they have no biological or physiological evidence to backup their self determination. Much like religion, they encourage folk to believe without evidence.

An example. As recently as this week on Twitter, along with many other weeks and months, we are expected to believe men have a cervix. As women and men who know their own bodies will know, this is a physiological impossibility, not only for our species, but damn near every other species on the planet. Females have a cervix, males do not. Females menstruate, males do not. Females have children, males do not. Outside of the occasional case in the animal kingdom, all of these FACTS are true. And it’s these truths that drive the hatred, and the thrust to silence dissenting voices, with Scotland currently being the poster child for making it illegal to present these physiological facts as evidence. Young men are in the majority of the group seeking to legally silence dissent against their philosophy. And philosophy is all it is. More akin to the behaviour of a cult that says “Black is White, and you will accept this, OUR truth, no matter if it’s true or not.”

We are in a battle of who’s right or wrong. A battle for supremacy of ideology over biology. A new, she/he/it made tradition, over science. We are fighting what seems like a new battle where it’s really the same old battle of misogyny, where women, and girls are under threat from an ideology that not only seeks to diminish them as people, but remove any safe spaces they may have left. Far from accepting a third safe space, alongside female and male, the gender ID ideological cult has two missions. To diminish women, and remove the safety net they have, which is already precarious, and to sexualize children, by, in effect, removing their childhood, and the journey of maturation in adulthood, with chemical and surgical butchery of children’s bodies, with puberty blockers, and removal of breasts and other body parts. Just think about that for a moment. There is profit in convincing your daughters and sisters to agree to be mutilated for the pleasure of those who seek to satisfy their sexual cravings and paedophilial urge for child shaped bodies.

Why do I associate this with gender ID? Social Evolution. The normalization of new behaviour that crosses the current lines we have that protect children from those who would damage them physically, mentally and emotionally to satisfy a sexual craving. We already read of those who have self-ID’d as women, have entered women’s spaces, and exposed themselves to female children, then threatened to touch them, just to get a reaction, at least for the moment. Ask any woman who has been harrassed by men where this leads. “I was just kidding.” “I didn’t really mean to frighten you.” “It’s just a game, where’s your sense of humour.” “Maybe we could go a little further next time.” “Now that we’ve got to know each other……” These and a myriad of other comments, and worse, physical intrusions and sexual abuse are the lot of a large percentage of women in our society. It’s an unpleasant truth that hasn’t got better, no matter how many predominately male politicians tell you it has. Women are under siege, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And now the gender self-ID cultists have arrived, there’s even more for women to fear and distrust, to defend against, and to recover from.

The current gender self ID movement is predicated on the assumption that the general public just don’t care enough about these things to immediately react and stop this terrible rot before the stench of horror at what’s happening to their own children, or sisters, wives, girlfriends goads them into action. It’s not enough that men and women stand outside female safe spaces, and get arrested for preventing a man pretending to be a woman from entering and emotionally or physically harming those we’re supposed to protect as a society.

As a man who has defended women all his life, often being derided for doing so, I can tell you bluntly and truthfully, this sucks. It really fucking sucks.

So how can start to solve this?

We can rise up, protest in our millions, march every day until the lawmakers back off, and restore women’s rights and safe spaces, for fear of losing their fat salaries and even fatter pensions and expense accounts. That’ll partially work. At least for the moment. The problem using only this method is the corporations selling the puberty blockers, and other pharmaceuticals designed to inhibit the natural evolution of bodies from childhood into adulthood will lose money, but only temporarily. They’ll continues to lobby their pet politicians and sneak new laws in, or opaque exceptions to current laws, until once again they’re making new and increased profits from the misery of the public. And then there’s the gender doctors and medical staff, who push to mutilate children, forcing them to have surgery under the illusion that mutilation will fix their gender dysphoria, depression, acne, or other feelings of inadequacy about themselves and their bodies.

We could install a third space, called Open, that all folk can use, including those who simply self-ID as female or male, that goes alongside Female and Male safe spaces. This one’s a no brainer, except it’ll cost a bit of money, and it’s fairly certain local and state governments might hesitate at the idea of protecting female safe spaces, by building new open spaces, because the bulk of local and state government politicians are men, and the bulk of them just don’t seem to give a shit how safe or unsafe women feel. I wonder how many of them have asked their own female loved ones who’ve endured a situation just what they think.

So what else can we do? It’s quite simple.

Start teaching our kids, male and female to respect one another, particularly young boys. Start the wave of anti-mysogination, and anti-misandrination in every aspect of our lives from infancy onwards. Gender self-ID is a symptom of a social deficiency, not a social evolution. Removing female rights is not evolving, it’s the opposite. Men dressed up and made up as women, exposing themselves in women’s spaces to elicit a reaction is not an expressing of freedom, it’s stalking and indecent exposure. Let’s call it what it is, and was, before the gender ID cult tried to legitimize that behaviour, as an “expression of their rights.” That’s just horseshit being sold as freedom. Push for laws that prevent corporations, organizations, and individuals from approaching our children in schools and public spaces and pressing sexualized leaflets and propaganda on them, or seeking to persuade them to keep secrets from their parents in the pursuit of normalizing the sexualization of our young.

Starting boys out with a mindset that respects and supports the equality of females and their rights will have a much longer positive effect on our society and the safety of women and girls, than just legislation that is all too often sidestepped in often mysoginistic courts as some sort of “mischief” with a slap on the wrist and don’t do it again. The hormonal imbalances of puberty are oft said to the cause of abusive behaviour. Maybe to a small degree, but those youngsters who have been fortunate enough to be raised in homes and communities where mistreatment including sexual assault and abuse of anybody is unacceptable, and is accepted as being unacceptable, and who don’t commit these crimes, seem to have it figured out. Where is the awareness courses in our kindergartens and schools that give boys and girls enough of the right start to set a different emotional, physiological, and socially responsible direction in their lives? Where is the parental guidance to reinforces that start? Or the public awareness campaigns that seek to inform everyone of the consequences to individuals in our communities that result from any form of personal intrusion that has sexual aggression, bullying and intimidation of some sort at its base? When do we start to teach young boys in particular that it’s more than ok to be empathic and compassionate throughout their lives? When will we rid our kids of the terrible drive to cruelty that takes a child from caring for animals when they’re infants, to brutalizing the vulnerable in our society when they’re older?

Our society will gain the greatest benefit from starting from scratch, at infancy, to nurture compassion, empathy, and respect, and continuing that journey of support into adulthood. It’s from that position and mutual social acknowledgement, that we will be able to start taking apart the worst excesses of abuse against folk in our society. As this perspective gains strength in numbers, and the resulting change in behaviour, so we will be able to more definitively, and promptly, see off the cultists, who have no one’s interest but their own, at heart.


Digital Mayhem

In the process of setting up this blog, i’m going through a steep learning curve. Very steep. And most of the challenge is the syntax unique to, well, setting up blogs and another web related interactions from home, alone.

Pages, Blocks, URL’s, IPN’s, and so on….

Nearly all the time spent was reading, and browsing the meaning of these and many more terms. Still, another step forward today, and a cautious sense of satisfaction that this mind of mine still functions in one way or another. The subscription model seems to work, and those who wish to read my stories and tales can now create an account, pay a modest 1 Euro a month, and access the Stories page, where I will shortly start adding the short stories and longer works i’ve been busy writing in the years before now. (So don’t subscribe just yet, i’ll post again when i’m ready.)

I’ve learned a lot already, and there’s still more to come, but one day very soon, I will have an outlet to share my modest contributions to the literary mass humans have accumulated in our evolution. And you will have the opportunity to decide where my work fits.

Regular viewers will also note i’ve left the menu as simple as possible at the top of the blog with everything in a single row.

A case of WYSIWYG.

73 Cows.

If we are to save our planet from destruction, then there are two elephants in the room we need to confront.

The fossil fuel industry, and the animal agriculture industry.

Everyone seems to be looking for big solutions, but here’s the story of a former beef farmer who lived with a very uneasy conscience, struggling to justify sending his cows to the abbatoir, that made a successful transition from beef farming to plant farming.

It’s 15 minutes long, and profound in its simple story…

It’s the night after.

So after a marathon session building the new blog, and all the admin that goes with that, including paying for a domain name in the early hours of the morning, and finding a good hosting company (thanks Gandi), I feel a little more confident after a few hours sleep that I just might be able to do this.

As a long time writer of music and words, i’m used to extended sessions sitting in the chair, but last night/early morning had me working out how to add and remove elements, tell my online bank which international information it needed to complete the transactions, and so on. It wasn’t the smooth and familiar process i’m used to when writing words and music, but I guess nothing new ever is. I can recommend Gandi ( as a site and blog host. Their admin and associated support is excellent, and a far cry from early days of trying to set up a small website.

So, a few more things to do, then it’s a content marathon, adding all those observations, reminiscences, and short stories i’ve written.

But first, food…..

And off we go…

This is the first post of a new blog for me, Alex. I hope to add more soon as I get settled in to this new (for me) method of communicating with others in the online community. It’s been quite the adventure building this up, including social media options, and setting out just what i’m trying to achieve.

And I have to say, it wasn’t as hard as i’d thought it would be, just time consuming.

My next step is to post this entry to multiple social media accounts at once.

Let’s see what happens…